Is ON Beaute® completely independent?

To remain as independent as possible, we have developed two main funding sources to ensure we do not compromise the integrity and objectivity of our site.

  1. We use affiliate links
  2. We charge retailers to syndicate our trademarked, expert scores to beauty product pages on their site.

Brands will never be permitted to pay for or influence our scores.

How are beauty products scored?

ON Beaute® uses a combination of smart AI sentiment analysis and a team of curators whose job it is to read thousands of reviews from our ON Beaute-approved experts and fairly choose a representative pull-quote. ON Beaute-approved experts can also self-submit reviews (read more about that here).

What criteria do your industry panel have to fulfil?

This answer deserves an entire page to itself. Please click here for more.

Which industry panelists are included in your calculations?

We constantly re-evaluate our industry panel lists and may make additions and/or deletions. Please see a full list of our experts here.

If you would like to become one of our verified beauty experts and self-submit reviews, please submit an application form here.

Why don't you have a review for every product that exists?

ON Beaute® wants to provide the best and most qualitative information possible and are constantly working to build a bigger catalogue.

Last week, [beauty product] had an ON Beaute® score of 60%, but now it says 72%. I don’t understand?

Both ON Beaute® scores and consumer scores can change, and in fact can do so frequently. The main culprit behind these changing scores is the addition of new reviews! The more the better so we have the most fair and representable truth for a score.

Why are the reviews so short and capped to 300 characters?

Time is of the essence and we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient method of extracting and presenting data for our users; so we prefer to keep all of our reviews short and to the point.

Does ON Beaute® sell your data?

No. All private data remains strictly confidential.

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