About us

Our purpose

We are a female-founded, independent beauty publisher that fairly aggregates industry-written reviews. We help our readers efficiently research beauty and provide direct insight into the products used by the elite members of our industry.

Breaking away from the typical publishing business model, we remain free from sponsored content. No brand can influence or pay for the editorial content or product scores you see across our platform. Think of us as your beauty safe space where independence and neutrality is paramount.

If you use rottentomatoes.com before you watch a film, use ON Beaute® before you buy beauty.


A combination of AI sentiment analysis alongside a team of curators read hundreds of reviews from our ON Beaute®-approved sources and fairly calculate a representative pull-quote.

ON Beaute-approved industry panelists can also self-submit content.

  • Scores above 65% receive an On Beaute Verified Badge.
  • Scores below 64% receive an On Beaute Denied Badge.

Our platform runs generic display ads and uses affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you click through and/or make a purchase. Our team may receive product samples to try for consideration however there is no guarantee we will editorially include and no influence over our own unique, proprietary scoring methodology. We will never degrade our integrity.

Chanella Buck, Founder

Our founder

Chanella Buck launched ON Beaute® in 2022 with one intention; to create a beauty platform a league apart from the rest.

After working in the beauty industry for over 12 years in global digital and e-commerce roles, Chanella wanted to bring a very real and inclusive conversation to the world of beauty. She had the desire to give a likeminded community direct access to the elite expertise working behind the beauty industry scenes - free from the layered biases of paid marketing and brand influence.

"In an industry full of marketing and paid content, beauty consumers deserve a fair playing ground before spending their hard-earned money on ineffective products. I founded ON Beaute® as a commitment to provide that."