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For licensing and review syndication enquiries

If you would like to use any of our trademarks or logos and for information about integrating ON Beaute® data into your application (via APIs, data feeds) please submit a request with details of your planned usage for review and access to assets.

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For event enquiries

If you would like us to feature an upcoming Beauty launch, ongoing service or event, please contact us at least 1 month prior to the event date in order to feature. Events are reviewed on a case by case basis and are selected in the best interest of our users.

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For submission and freelance enquiries

Dream of becoming a beauty journalist or would you like to increase your Google footprint?

Every day, we publish several articles by guest writers. Some are commissioned by us; others we select from proposals that come to the [email protected] email address. We particularly love pieces that highlight the unexpected, explore new beauty trends and illuminate diverse beauty views.

If we accept your piece, you must certify that the work is yours and has not appeared elsewhere, even in another language. Please do not send us proposals that you are sending to others. To protect our integrity, we need to know the source of our data, and we may ask you to provide links or other sources for your statements. You must declare any relevant interests as to why you have written the piece and one of our editors might suggest ways of making the language zestier or the argument clearer within your article. But we will always show you a final version for approval, give you full credit, and, if we cannot agree, you can always submit your piece elsewhere. We look forward to reading your submissions!

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For letters to the founder

Our founder Chanella wants to keep as close to our users as much as possible. She is a Mama to two girls under 4 years old, but in her spare time would love to read your opinions and welcomes suggestions on ways to improve the platform. Please don’t be shy!

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